Thursday, September 3, 2009

Calculated diet for a diabetic patient

Basically it is a balanced diet measured to provide the number of exchanges servings based on the individual's caloric requirement. Not only the amount but the kind of foods and regularity of meals are considered. Concentrated sweets and simple carbohydrates are avoided.The diabetic diet is high in fiber and low fat.

Some Tips

  • Consult a licensed nutritionist-dietitian for your specific nutrient needs.
  • Ask for a calculated diet plan.
  • Be guided with suggestions found in this pages
  • Plan, experiment, and present your diet plan to a licensed nutritionist-dietitian for approval.
1 Day Example Menu

Day 1
Potato-egg omelet
Whole white bread with margarine
Unpolished rice
Soy coffee with low fat milk
No sugar added

Tokwa adobo
Sayteed squash and string beans
Unpolished rice
Boiled nuts

Ginataang vegemeat
Unpolished rice
Fresh pineapple